Winterhalter dishwashers Professional catering equipment for rent

Do you need professional and reliable equipment for your business, but don't want to commit your own resources? We have a solution for you rent one of the available catering dishwashers from Winterhalter

We offer 4 types of equipment for rent, each of the dishwashers is of different sizes and is designed for different types of dishes. We offer our customers an attractive equipment rental offer with favorable terms. Fixed monthly fees and fast order processing. 

4 specialized dishwashers tailored to meet the different needs of food service establishments

And what kind of dishwasher is needed in your company

UC countertop dishwasher

It is a dishwasher with numerous programs and extras. It comes in as many as 4 types adapted to different dishes. Modern technology and tailored washing programs guarantee hygienic cleanliness.

UF pot and utensil dishwasher

It is a dishwasher with high efficiency in removing dirt. It has a number of conveniences, such as folding door, cart with basket and others. It is available in 3 sizes.

PT hooded dishwasher

It is an efficient, fast and capacious device for various types of dishes. It is perfect for cutlery, glassware and other dishes (even those that are bulky and difficult to clean). It is available in 3 sizes.

Compact dishwasher GS 630

This device is distinguished by its high power and functionality. Its advantage is its small size and ideal washing results for all types of dishes.

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