Catering equipment service

a'Gusto Comprehensive Solutions for Catering was established to provide modern as well as functional solutions for catering. We provide a full range of equipment for catering facilities. Our assortment includes only the most modern equipment, distinguished by high durability. A'Gusto - service of gastronomic equipment Wrocław deals with service and repair of equipment necessary in every professional kitchen.

We provide comprehensive customer service. We carry out professional repair of catering equipment in Wroclaw and beyond. Our professionals make sure that all defects are removed, and the repair process runs smoothly without contributing to delays in the operation of the catering establishment.

We are an authorized service provider:

Price list

Parts for catering equipment

We supply spare parts for catering equipment which we import directly from manufacturers.

Valuation of repair of gatstronomical equipment

We provide quotes for repairs, maintenance and parts for any type of food service equipment.

Service of most catering equipment

We cooperate with many other authorized service centers of well-known brands in gastronomy.

Payment for maintenance services

Cash upon completion of the repair - based on the completed service report.

VAT invoice

We issue within 7 days of the completion of the repair and send to the address provided or by email.

Appliances purchased at a'gusto

We install the equipment purchased from us at no extra charge and service it during the warranty period.


Technical condition assessment


Installation and commissioning of equipment

inspection (1)

Periodic inspections


Repair and service of catering equipment


Staff training in the operation of equipment


Selection of HOBART chemicals and consumables