Viessmann catering equipment service

Agusto Professional - authorized service Viessmann Wroclaw - provides service of equipment of this company at every level. We provide warranty service, perform periodic inspection of catering equipment, but also carry out post-warranty repairs in case of failure. Our team of experienced service technicians is perfectly familiar with the construction and principle of operation of ovens, brewers, refrigerators or cookers (both gas, electric and induction).

We repair all professional catering equipment in restaurants, hotels, bars, pizzerias, pastry shops, cafes and other catering facilities. We realize that equipment failure can have very unpleasant consequences for the smooth operation of the premises. This is the reason why we approach each order with the utmost thoroughness. We carry out repairs in the shortest possible time, because thanks to our extensive knowledge of the equipment and a developed network of partners, we are able to bring the necessary replacement parts at an express pace.

Authorized service Viessmann Wroclaw - A'Gusto Professional is a company that offers comprehensive solutions for catering. Working for many years with the leading restaurants, hotels and bars in Poland, we have learned the needs of our customers like no one else. We realize that, above all, precision and time are among the most important factors in the kitchen. What's more, exactly the same principles are the basis for the entire background concerning this extremely complex industry. We value long-term cooperation and good business relationships, which is why we treat each of our clients with care from the very beginning.

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For the energy breakthrough to have a chance of success, energy efficiency must be improved - not only in construction, where energy consumption is highest, but also in industry. In Germany, this sector accounts for about one-third of the annual energy consumption of about 2,500 TWh. Nearly 40 percent of this consumption can be saved by 2020 by implementing modernization measures - an incredible potential that can be achieved through energy-saving technology. In addition, investments in cost-effective solutions for supplying steam, hot and cold air and electricity reduce costs and give you a competitive edge.

Viessmann offers comprehensive system solutions in this regard, guaranteeing an economical supply of steam, hot air (up to 116 MW), cool air (up to 2 MW) and electricity (up to 50 MW), as well as a comprehensive portfolio of services from consulting/design, through commissioning, to the service itself.